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Founder and Editor in Chief

Stephanie Meade has had a passion for global issues, languages, international travel and writing ever since she can remember. After studying comparative politics at Columbia University as an undergraduate, she lived in Ecuador for over a year as an English teacher. Upon her return, she worked at the United Nations in New York before obtaining her Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia to further her interest in international development. For over five years after, she worked as an economic consultant in the water sector, helping to build water systems across the developing world. Her work brought her to work and sometimes live in a lot of interesting places including Armenia, Georgia, Yemen, Uganda, Germany and Brazil. After having children and a foray into the hedge fund industry, she decided to create InCultureParent.


Stephanie speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, some German, tiny bits of Armenian and Russian and is just starting on Arabic. She and her husband, who is from Morocco, are raising their two girls bilingual/bicultural in Arabic and English in the Bay Area. They started to introduce French and some Spanish as well. She can be reached at



Books Editor

Meera Sriram has been reviewing and recommending diverse children’s literature for over five years now. She loves to pass on a title or an author to a friend (or a stranger, for that matter). Picture books particularly appeal to the inner child in her. She moved to the U.S at the turn of the millennium from India. After graduate studies and a brief stint as an electrical engineer, she decided to express herself in other creative ways, primarily through writing. She has co-authored two books for children, both published in India. Her writing interests include people and cultures, nature and life’s everyday moments. She also does story time for toddlers in her community. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two kids. Curling up to read a good book with her little boy and girl is something she looks forward to everyday. She constantly fantasizes about a world with no boundaries over hot chai to help stay warm in foggy Northern California.



Food Editor

Lauren Capitani was an early foodie. While her friends were busy watching Family Ties, she was tuned into Graham Kerr and Yan Can Cook, and served her friends and family dishes such as Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska while still a teen. After college, Lauren received Masters’ degrees in both journalism and business and worked in both subsequent fields. At 29, she decided to rewrite her life and became an assistant teacher. For the first time, her vocation became her avocation. She now has certification in both elementary and early childhood education and has taught at seven schools on both coasts (and in between). Lauren has lived summers in France, England, Spain, Japan and Thailand, and has visited more than a dozen other countries. When her own children start limiting their food choices, Lauren turned it into a teaching moment and created One World Whisk, a global cooking initiative for children. The project garnered more than 200 followers before its one-month charter was complete.



Associate Craft Editor

Sara Headley lives in northern New Mexico (NM) where she enjoys copious amounts of green chile. She is a homeschooling mom of three young girls. Sara taught first grade in NM before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Sara loves crafting with (and without) her kids, though glitter still remains on the “naughty” list. Sewing, crochet, cooking, gardening and teaching are her passions…for now. Those might change later to something like philosophy, whitewater rafting and hat-making.



Associate Photo Editor

Angelique Geehan

Angelique Geehan is a sensation-seeker who enjoys exchanging knowledge and questioning what she encounters. Online and in her hometown of Houston, Texas, she has found communities of people with whom she can enjoy capoeira, the use of cloth slings (aka ‘babywearing’), and working against shame and fear to increase compassion and respect for others. She and her two half-Irish children would be unschoolers if a label had to be chosen, and she works as director of communications at what she considers a very interesting investment company. One day, she may be engaged in both activities while traveling the world with the kiddos.



Staff Writer and Assistant Editor

Crystal Hoshaw is a transplant from Los Angeles who has come to settle in the progressive and creative cultural mecca of San Francisco’s East Bay. Her work marries her lifelong passion for the written word with her love of spiritual wisdom and esotericism. She is currently pursuing a graduate education in philosophy and consciousness at California Institute of Integral Studies, and maintains a yoga practice in the Vedantic tradition of India. A seasoned international traveler, her most recent transoceanic jaunt involved living in a tent in Kalalau Valley, Hawaii, and she is quick to jump at any activity involving the out-of-doors, be it hiking, biking, or tree-climbing.



Marketing Coordinator

Born to a large family in Quito, Ecuador, Carmen Cordovez went to bilingual Spanish/English school from kindergarten through high school. Her childhood was happily spent going to the beach and riding horses during the summer. She studied and worked in advertising in Ecuador, before moving to Brazil to study computer science. She then moved to San Francisco and worked as a database administrator for Oracle, followed by a start-up. She has always loved traveling, and before having kids, traveled as much as she could to places like India, Burma, Turkey and more. Since having her two American-Ecuadorian kids, she spends her time raising her children, creating art, traveling and doing occasional consulting projects. Her children are currently fourth and first graders in a Mandarin immersion school and are able to communicate in Mandarin. They are also fluent in Spanish and English. She happily spends her summers on a yearly pilgrimage to Ecuador (or other Spanish speaking countries) to visit family for her children’s bicultural/bilingual experience.



Technical Guru

Saill White has worked as a scientist, software engineer and interface designer since 1991. She has worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory both as a researcher in the Supernova Cosmology Group and as a software engineer for the Environmental Energy Technology Department. In the public sector, she served as an energy analyst and software designer for Berkeley Solar Group and for her own company Suncalc, and as Vice President of Product Development for Lina Software. She has a passion for creating beautiful software that works. She has a degree in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley. She is happy to be raising her daughter in the ocean of cultural riches that is the the San Francisco Bay Area.



Web Magic Maker

Saifullah Bin Mujib is so passionate about computers and the web, he counts coding as one of his hobbies, alongside music and traveling. He enjoys learning about people from other cultures. A native of Bangladesh, he currently lives in Sweden where he is pursuing graduate studies in Information Technology. He speaks Bangla, English and is currently learning Swedish.




Jinwook Wi likes to learn new languages and make friends from different countries. He was born in South Korea and came to the United States to study when he was 22, after finishing his military service. He loves the weather in California, especially during summer, which is very different from the humid summers of South Korea, and tries to walk along the beach in his free time. He currently lives in Berkeley and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political economy at the University of California at Berkeley.


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