10 Best World Maps for Your Children’s Room

10 Best World Maps for Your Children’s Room

Every global citizen needs a map to inspire them. Maps are amazing tools for learning, imagining, and playing. I can still remember the round globe that I spent hours spinning as a child–ah, the wonder at where my finger would land! InCultureParent found some of the best child world maps on the market for your children’s room.

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10 Best Kid-friendly World Maps

1. The Do It Yourself

The perfect map for families who move around a lot and don’t like to mess up too many walls (like us), these are sticker decals. They will take some work to arrange to make sure everything is in just the right place, but they are easy to apply and remove. They can be stuck to not just walls but also to the fridge, table, desk, cabinets and drawers.
Buy it: amazon.com

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Best world maps for your child

3. Rainbow Map

Using a rainbow of colors in subtler hues, the countries pop against a crisp, white background. The colors are gentle enough that they will easily match any room color or design, while announcing a bold presence on the wall. This map can also be customized by size.
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Image credit: allposters.com

9. The Fluorescent

Bright and fun, this map is great for countries and also has a few animals and flags thrown on it. However, it is a bit haphazard with the animal choices as the former Soviet Union, China, India and Europe don’t have a single animal while Africa is animal laden.
Buy it:allposters.com

10. The Plain Jane with Benefits

And finally, do you just want a standard map with no extra frills or designs? Then you should at least go with this one because it not only sticks and unsticks to the wall without destroying it and without tape, but it’s a dry erase board as well! Perfect for a low-hanging area that the kids can doodle on to their heart’s content.
Buy it: Amazon.com

So, these are some of the best child world maps of the world we have. If you have any suggestions or wanna share your interesting stories with the child map – Do comment below. We would love to hear from our readers.



  1. Have you checked “upside-down” world maps? They provide a very different view of the world 🙂 I have seen maps in many different formats. Really fun!

  2. I’m so glad to see educational (and artistic) maps that have wonderful images to them! A nice departure from the old ones I remember with children that “represent” their country of origin (you remember the “Heidi” and the “Geisha”?)!

  3. LOVE the maps! The only one I don’t appreciate is #3- Greenland looks as big as South America. I hate when maps give a Northern-Hemisphere-centric view (my pet peeve:). Check out a Peters Projection map- it too can be controversial, but it’s basis of equal area provides another perspective.

  4. I loved your collection of maps. I always encourage the global families that I work with to keep maps in their home to help ground their little global nomads. I am always amazed at how many of these little people’s extended families do not own maps so now I always encourage them to give the gift of a map to their cousins or Grandparents as their going-away gift. Many of there will be prefect for this recommendation. Thank you!

  5. Hi there,

    I’m in Port Edward and am dying to get two children’s maps of the world. Where can I get them?



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