21 Ideas for Families to Celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha

Photo by Rade Šaptović on Unsplash

Ayyam-i-Ha is a period of hospitality, charity and gift-giving for Baha’is. This is a festive time in preparation for the 20-day fast that follows. There are no set rituals to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha, allowing people a lot of creativity in their celebrations. We put together a summary of many of the inspiring ideas we found around the web for celebrating this beautiful holiday. Happy Ayyam-i-Ha!

Crafts for Ayyam-i-Ha

all done monkey
Felt star bags for Ayyam-i-Ha treats from All Done Monkey
nine pointed star cookieMake your own 9-pointed star cookie cutter from Creative World of Varya
Nurturing the Tender YearsFun advent calendar and banner to count down the days of the fast from Nurturing the Tender Years
Advent Style BannerMake an advent calendar to count down the days
Bird FeederCraft a simple bird feeder to honor God through nature from InCultureParent
paper flower garden and treesBrighten up your home with this indoor paper flower garden and trees from Nurturing the Tender Years
Virtues TreeFun virtue tree to teach kids the values of Ayyam-i-Ha from Mud Spice

Games for Ayyam-i-Ha

unity on earthA game to teach kids about unity on earth by Creative World of Varya

Recipes for Ayyam-i-Ha

Persian walnut pomegranate chickenFesanjan, yummy Persian walnut pomegranate chicken
Fool-proof Persian RiceFool-proof Persian Rice 
Gluten-free plum cakeGluten-free plum cake
chocolate-covered trufflesEasy chocolate-covered truffles

Books for Ayyam-i-Ha

The Ayyam-i-Ha CamelThe Ayyam-i-Ha Camel, by Cher Holt-Forti
The Night Before Ayyám-i-HáThe Night Before Ayyam-i-Ha, by Sophia Estelle Wood
Maggie Celebrates Ayyam-I-HaMaggie Celebrates Ayyam-i-Ha, by Pattu Rae Tomarelli

Music for Ayyam-i-Ha

Enable Me to GrowA song about service for Ayyam-i-Ha by Enable Me to Grow
Elika MahonyA celebratory song for Ayyam-i-Ha by Elika Mahony

 More Ideas for Ayyam-i-Ha

Enable Me to Grow - 1Here are some fun ways different families decorate from Enable Me to Grow
celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha with your familyAnd finally don’t miss this comprehensive guide to celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha with your family from two awesome Baha’i moms and bloggers.
Ideas for Celebrating at Your Child’s School
This Baha’i mom raised her daughter in rural Maine, without much of a Baha’i community. To help educate her daughter’s class about their faith, she prepared a puppet show and some other wonderful ideas, which she details in this awesome post.

To learn more about Ayyam-i-Ha, then check out this post by Homa Sabet Tavangar.



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