The stories are full of fantasy and provide a window into another culture without needing experience in the culture for children to appreciate them. Beautifully illustrated, the stories are imaginative and often dramatic.
10 books to uproot, transport and make us part of an experience far away or from another time. And we dare you not to cry.
Foods embody cultures. And food-themed books are a great way to sample and savor cultures. Here are seven wonderful picks from around the world that we’ve enjoyed in our family.
Let's explore Latino culture and heritage with these children's books. Here are our recommendations for ages infant through eight+.
We love the diverse selection of books your offer and how much fun our children have browsing through books and games every time we come in to your store. We frequently purchase books for presents on our way to a birthday party but we always notice something is missing when we browse the children’s section: more multicultural children’s literature.
If you feel compelled to see more multicultural titles in Barnes&Noble, please feel free to email or tweet them about it! Sample text here.
Recommended children's books from a multicultural and global perspective on going back to school
In this beautifully illustrated story, young readers journey to cultures around the world to explore the meaning of the Sikh dastaar, or turban. The dastaar is used as a metaphor throughout the story and represents nobility, guidance, wisdom and strength.
Here are our top picks for Asian-American children's books.
A book that honestly and simply celebrates the every day diversity that children experience.
A book to celebrate everyday life in one Indian village and replace the previous British stories Indian children grew up with.
We have read many books about Ramadan in our home, but every single one of these made our list of top six because my children love them as much as I do.
A Party in Ramadan by Asma Mobin-Uddin and illustrated by Laura Jacobsen, is the perfect Ramadan book for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
A collection of eco-friendly books for the younger ones, perfect for Earth Day.
A passport to the second-largest and second-most-populous continent, these picture books will transport children to the landscapes and lifestyles of Africa through enjoyable stories and delightful art.
A Day of Delight: A Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia shows the way of life of an Ethiopian Jewish community.
InCultureParent's essential reading list for the Chinese New Year.
Intrigued when you hear India? Excited about a trip ahead? Find out about the colors, chaos and everything else that’s India through these books that are as whimsical and exotic as the country itself.
November is Native American Heritage month. In our family, our eight-year-old daughter has developed a deep fascination for the culture, primarily through books. Besides the several stories of Squanto and Sacagawea we’ve read together, the books based on “Kaya” of the American Girl series helped sustain her adoration. Here are some other Native American stories we love.
So you want to write a multicultural children’s book. You know you have a great story to tell but how do you know if it really works for kids? What makes for a great story? Is there a market for it? What do publishers look for? To answer all these questions and a bunch more, we interviewed Tessa Strickland, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of one of the leading publishers of multicultural books, Barefoot Books.
Children's stories from Nepal to Tibet
Children will be thoroughly amused by this adventure of an escaped camel in India.
Our top picks for kids to celebrate Easter!
Do you have a kid that has angry outbursts? This book is for you!
This book brings the Day of the Dead to life for any child. Although written in English, Day of the Dead fluidly integrates many Spanish words and phrases. Each segment of the story introduces a facet of preparing for the holiday, like buying sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar).
Graphic novels are a great way to read with kids. As a parent I was looking for a way to encourage my eight-year-old to read more outside of school assignments and homework. He was hesitant at first, not fully understanding the medium of a graphic novel. But, once we read a few together I found that he would start and finish them entirely by himself—on the way to school, on rainy days, when I said no more TV, and even in the bathroom.
Check out these multicultural book recommendations for little ones that encompass diverse cultures, places and languages!
An adoption story conveying the nuances and emotions of a young girl's first weeks in the U.S.
It’s hard to imagine how a children’s picture book about colors could be the center of controversy but this one was.
My 10- and 11-year-old girls and I love getting lost in a good novel together before bed. I always look for stories that we will all enjoy equally. I mostly choose diverse books for our reading list, as it’s...
Emil in the Soup Tureen is a story by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, who is best-known for the classic children's tale Pippi Longstocking. The story paints a quaint and idyllic picture of farm life in rural 20th century Sweden
The legend of the creation of the Chinese zodiac. Why the first year is the year of the rat.
Exciting! January 27 is the first ever Multicultural Children’s Book Day.
A book to inspire children of African ancestry and others to learn and speak Swahili, one step at a time.
Reading Barefoot Books' World Atlas is like exploring a large house with many nooks and crannies. It is stuffed with factoids and information about our planet, with colorful illustrations that will continue to entice children to explore its pages.
Out of the Way! Out of the Way! follows the journey of a sapling, a boy and a road, but most of all, the place where they all grow, an unnamed village in India. The boy finds a young tree in the middle of a busy village street and carefully borders it with stones.
Learn about the cultural significance of this American holiday with these books.
Japanese Celebrations: Cherry Blossoms, Lanterns and Stars! is a fun and educational book for children about the customs of Japan. It is full of colorful pictures with a playful quality depicting the practices of various Japanese holidays throughout the seasons.
Children need to see the world around them reflected in books.
Here are our top picks for Asian-American children's books.
Bee-Bim Bop is an adorable, sing-songy book about making this favorite Korean dish.
Learn about the world's richest man of all time and much more about African-American history.
If you have not been including diverse books in your reading diet, this is a great beginner’s guide that will last you for the year.
A celebration of faith around the world through simple text and rich illustrations.
Hurray for Three Kings’ Day by Lori Marie Carlson (author) and Ed Martinez (illustrator) tells the story of the Three Kings tradition through the eyes of little sister Anita, Tito and Tomás.
When Sophia's grandfather dies, she goes to visit the olive tree in Greece he gave her, together with Mama, to fulfill a promise. Throughout the trip on the plane and then ferry, she notices how Mama is silent and nostalgic, yet at ease with a sense of familiarity.
From France to Tibet, Germany and more: multicultural books we love as well as other favorites from around the world
Our Editors' favorite multicultural books for this holiday season.
A multicultural Easter story celebrating love and friendship from a family-favorite author.
Explore Jamaica with these two picture books and a recipe is included as well!
Given recent discussions around the New York Times article, “How to Read Racist Books to Kids,” it became even more important to me to analyze what it is that we've come to accept as mainstream in children's literature today. What should our kids be reading instead? What are the big bookstores really missing?
This article discusses why it's critical all parents read books that reflect diversity.
“My Friend Mei Jing” is a celebration of a beautiful cross-cultural friendship. Mei Jing and Monifa are second graders and best friends. They bond over their common fondness for pets and arts and crafts. They visit each other’s homes...
William was forced to drop out of school after a severe drought and famine struck Malawi. Instead of abandoning his education entirely, William started visiting the local library in an effort to continue learning. Through books, he taught himself not just English but also to build a windmill.
Our favorite multicultural children's books that we read in 2012, including stories from South Korea, Morocco and Australia.
A great book for multiracial kids that answers that question, why don't I look like you?
Here are five books to introduce your little one to China whether to prep for an upcoming trip or explore the world from your own home.
Diwali: A Festival of Lights and Fun (Diwali: Kushiyon Ka Tyohaar) By Manisha Kumar & Monica Kumar (Authors), Sona & Jacob (Illustrators) Reviewed by Meera Sriram   (Reprinted with permission from   This bilingual book on Diwali is from Meera Masi, a Bay Area...
A celebration of peace, kindness and brotherhood.
Every life is a story. It’s easier to understand someone when you know their story.

Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast

A charming tale of how two young sisters celebrate their sukkah breakfast during Sukkot.
A little boy, Kusikiy, on the island of Taquile in Lake Titicaca Peru has a concern. “I am worried the birds are not singing and the trees are sad” because it has not rained.
A story from Jamaica that impresses upon kids that less is more and that nothing is more fun than using creativity and imagination for play.
Some great children's books featuring African-American characters that celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa as well as a short explanation of Kwanzaa.
This is a tale of a very unusual holiday celebration that everyone who reads it will marvel at the depth of David's dedication and love for Hanukkah. Religion and science mesh very nicely in this book, one that has a very touching, harmonious conclusion.
An engaging early reader chapter book with a central character of color, and with a narrative that integrates language and cultural nuances.
We were intrigued when our three-year-old son's favorite country was Mexico (and that was two years ago!). Then jalapeno became his favorite word for a while. And recently we noticed his more concrete desire to learn and speak the Spanish language. Here are six books that take my son on a journey to Mexico from our couch and are perfect for little adventurers!
We love Ezra Jack Keats for his creation of Peter, the black protagonist. And not just for that, but for his eclectic use of techniques, mediums and textures in his colorful art. He was one of the first to introduce multiculturalism into mainstream American children's literature.
18 children’s books for little ones to teens to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, including books about both MLK and others who influenced the Civil Rights Movement.
If you’ve already exhausted the Babars, Fancy Nancys and Madelines, here are a few more to take your kids to Paris whether you have your tickets booked or not. Even without any travel plans, books are one of the best ways to travel to new cities without spending a cent.
As a white adoptive mother of two Ethiopian children, I’m always on the lookout for meaningful books that show people from all parts of the world. These are my daughter's favorites.

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