A World Apart from my Mother-in-Law

It wasn't until we adopted our daughter Willow that the full scale of the communication gulf between my husband's parents and me became plain.

Diwali: November 5th

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is one of the most vibrant and exciting Hindu celebrations.

Adventures in Raising Trilingual Kids

I am bringing up my children, Schmoo and Pan-Pan, to speak three languages: English, Twi and French.

Circumcision Wars

The first major difficulty in my multicultural marriage was over circumcision. The Turkish custom of circumcision was the first custom I downright refused to go along with.

Armenian Recipe: Apricot Tart

Apricots are a traditionally Armenian fruit. If you haven't had apricots in Armenia, you haven't tasted the sweet juiciness that apricots can be. What follows is a wonderful apricot tart, inspired by the Armenian fruit.

Four Generations of Multicultural

I am fourth generation multicultural. Although there was a lot of inter-marriage, tribe is inherited through one's father so I consider myself Luo despite having a Samia-Luhya mother and Kisii great-grandmother.