7 Countries to Visit for an Adventurous Family Vacation

Ecuador family vacation
Mindo, Ecuador

If London makes you yawn, you’ve been there and done Costa Rica, and Tulum is so last year then check out our top seven countries for an adventurous and international family vacation.  


international family vacation

With volcanoes, mountains, colonial cities, cloud forests, the jungle, miles of pristine beaches and the Galapagos, Ecuador is a small, friendly country that is easy to navigate, pretty safe and has something everyone in the family will love.

International family vacation
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international family vacation
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Ecuador also boasts incredible biodiversity; for any bird lovers in the family; 16% of all bird species in the world are found in this small South American nation.

Ecuador vacation
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In the mazes of the old city in Marrakech, kids can see snake charmers and explore foods at the night market.

international family vacation

From the Atlas mountains to the narrow streets of Chefchaouan, a city awash in blue, Morocco is colorful and friendly.

Southern Morocco
Chefchaouan, Morocco
Courtesy: Lindsay Lamont, Unsplash

Guaranteed your kids will ask for seconds of the sweet Moroccan mint tea and the entire family will love the food.

Moroccan mint tea
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Borneo has some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth in its tropical rainforests in addition to drop dead gorgeous beaches.

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Located in the South Pacific, it’s an island that Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei each own a part of it.

international family vacations
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The orangutan sanctuary in the capital is also not to be missed as well as visiting elephants and turtle hatcheries.



Budva, Montenegro
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If Croatia is too touristy, then Montenegro is for you.

best countries for family vacation
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Beautiful beaches, Italian style cafes, cobblestone streets and old European architecture. It’s also a close plane ride from Western Europe.

montenegro, family vacation

South Africa

South Africa vacation
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From the beauty and colors of Cape Town to a safari with all the wild animals your kids could imagine, South Africa is an adventure the family will love.

South Africa vacation
Courtesy: Chen Hu, Unsplash
South Africa vacation
Courtesy: Simon Greenwood, Unsplash

Don’t miss the picturesque beaches of False Bay where you’ll see real penguins or the history of Robben Island, close to Cape Town.

best countries for family vacation
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Malta has a rich, multicultural history, reflected in its cuisine and architecture, and a warm, Mediterranean climate.

Courtesy: Flickr, b-lichtetscheck-media

The three islands make for many beautiful beaches and several UNESCO heritage sites.

Courtesy: Florenc Horvath, Unsplash

Kids will love the Popeye village, a movie set built in the eighties that’s now a park for kids. 

Courtesy: Magdalena Smolnicka, Unsplash


Vietnam, family vacation
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Less touristy than neighboring Thailand, Vietnam is culturally rich, extremely safe and has amazingly fresh and flavorful cuisine.

vacation Vietnam
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Vietnam has it all from city exploring, meaningful history, rice fields and beaches where you can kayak and explore caves. 

Vietnam vacation
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Best countries for a family vacation
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Let us know in the comments, what other countries do you recommend?

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