This super healthy cookie recipe is perfect for afterschool snacks and lunch boxes. For anyone gearing up for Ramadan, this is also an ideal cookie for dessert after long days of fasting. When I...
All the flavor of sushi, with half the effort. A favorite with my children!
Tired of crackers, cheerios and raisins? Try one of our snacks from Mexico, Germany, Colombia, Morocco, Palestine, Brazil and more!
Healthy smoothies for summer your kids will like.
Since when is Moroccan food a quick weeknight meal? Since now!
Awesome recipe for yummy Mexican wedding cookies.
Gluten-free and dairy-free pumpkin chia pudding that is equally awesome as a breakfast and dessert.
Paletas offer some of the most unique popsicle flavors and are always made fresh. Try some of these new popsicle combinations like rice milk or pine nut today!
One bite of this recipe will transport you to a sidewalk cafe in Paris.
Best somen noodle recipe for the whole family to cool down on hot summer days
Most days, dinner prep is a rushed affair around our house happening in the 30 minutes between arrival and ruined appetites. Injera pizza is the latest quick dinner creation that was instantly successful and even faster than regular pizza!
Pan de yuca is one of the greatest Ecuadorian snack foods. Here's an awesome recipe, simple and gluten-free too!
Enjoy this great Indian dal recipe with very subtle flavors, which blend together smoothly. It's a sweet variety of spices to introduce children to complex flavors in a healthy dish.
A favorite of my kids, these cookies have the texture of a brownie squeezed into a cookie with traces of coconut. We brought them to two different spring celebrations one weekend and they were a success everywhere. The ultimate test of gluten-free cooking in my mind is when no one can tell something is gluten free. That was certainly the case for these cookies.
I come from a family of Italian-Americans, at least on one side. This recipe comes to me via an amazingly talented chef, my Aunt Valerie, who learned it from her Italian Aunt Angie.
Here’s a recipe for a simple family dinner that is always a top favorite with my kids: yummy Korean barbecue with our own twist. And it is gluten free too!
The first time I encountered preserved lemon (l'hamed marakad in Moroccan Arabic) was on my second trip to Morocco. My sister-in-law pulled a beat-up glass jar out of the drawer and dropped something slimy-looking into the chicken and olive dish on the stove. It looked old and like it had potentially been sitting in the drawer too long. What the hell was that?
Glühwein is popular in all the German-speaking countries, the Netherlands and the Alsace region of France as a traditional holiday drink. The secret of glühwein is the more you heat it up, the less alcohol remains in. In other words, if you want to make it a spiritual drink for adults you should make sure that the glühwein is not boiling.

Colcannon Recipe

Colcannon takes mashed potatoes to the next level.
Eid is a time for food, family and celebration. Lamb is a popular dish because of the animal that is sacrificed.
Every year, my mom would make nasi tumpeng, a unique Indonesian rice combination. She would start by making rice flavored with coconut, turmeric and other herbs, which she would shape into a conical pyramid and place on a bed of folded banana leaves. Here is how you can make this Indonesian classic.
Apples and honey are the symbolic foods of the Jewish New Year. So make something sweet to celebrate!
A tasty way to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year with your family, these snacks are great for lunchboxes, after school snacks or appetizer nibbles at your next dinner party.
In celebration of Jamaica’s Independence on August 6, make this quick and easy Jamaican favorite. It’s a traditional Jamaican breakfast that is often used with other forms of starch such as boiled banana, yam, potatoes, plantain and breadfruit. Codfish or saltfish is a major component of Jamaican cuisine and is very easy to make.
Simple, Moroccan and delicious: slow-cooked lamb that falls off the bone
This Chinese sweet treat took less than ten minutes of kitchen time!
A Laotian classic--one of the best grilled chicken recipes out there!
A quick, gluten-free entree or snack, which can be made using pantry staples.
Celebrate one of the most important Buddhist holidays with something scrumptious.
My children found a new favorite with this Beltane dessert. Who can resist sugar pie?
A simplified version of this classic tandoori recipe is a pleaser for both children and adults!
This Passover classic, gefilte fish, is simple to make from ground fish.
This dish was my childhood favorite; we called it red rice (because of the tomatoes in the rice). It was also my children’s favorite when they were growing up.
These fragrant sweets for Holi are easy for kids to help make!
These classic Purim cookies have been elevated to epicurean status, as chefs experiment with creative fillings.
Brazilian pao de queijo make a fabulous and gluten-free addition to a family menu!
Nirvana Day is celebrated with simple, vegetarian dishes, such as this easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly soup.
These Irish (mashed) potato pancakes are a perfect conduit for fresh Irish butter or a host of other toppings.

Banh Chung Recipe

This Vietnamese dish is traditionally eaten on Tết, the country's New Year's celebration.
Rosca de Reyes is the traditional pastry bread eaten on Three Kings Day across Latin America and beyond.
A hearty corn stew for long winter days
Holiday stuffing inspired by the flavors of Morocco, with cumin, dates, almonds and pears. Yum!
Pan de muerto is a sweet bread, flavored with anise, orange zest and cinnamon and decorated with bone shaped pieces of dough, given as a snack to the dead.
Pheasant in a creamy wine reduction sauce with sauerkraut--lighter than a sausage but every bit as German.
Search the spice rack to create this perfect recipe for the whole family, with basic ingredients and a low-prep time.

Chicken Kebab Recipe

I can remember when I was little my parents would feed us early and send us to bed to get some peace during iftar. I am now having to deal with the same from my children.
A soup where taste equals love with lentils, cilantro, parsley, chickpeas and spices.
A Peruvian recipe for lomo saltado that is simple and so tasty.
Simple and delicious Mongolian recipe for Khuushuur to celebrate Naadam.
After browsing many Scandinavian recipes for this issue, we struck upon one that is summery, Swedish-inspired and delicious. The place where we found it is sort of the Swedish stereotype—eh hem— Ikea .
The flashing-neon preface to this recipe is that this is our InCultureParent twist on poutine, the popular Canadian French fry specialty. Because we always try to feature healthy recipes, it didn’t feel right to us to encourage you to eat French fries, even if they are Canadian French fries. So we made our own variation...

Korean Hoddeok Recipe

Hoddeok is a “traditional” Korean street vendor food. Korean people love to eat this delicious snack especially in the cold winter. It tastes best when it is warm.
Editor’s note: On Vesak, it is prohibited to kill any being, so everyone eats vegetarian. Here’s a recipe from Malaysia that is popular on Vesak.
Sarson ka sag is traditionally a Punjabi dish, often made on Vaisakhi but not exclusively. It's totally delicious, vegetarian and incorporates one of the world healthiest veggies—mustard greens.
Thandai is a refreshing milk-based drink, accented with bold flavors. It is traditionally consumed in Northern India during the festival of Holi.
Yuanxiao, or sweet rice balls, are traditionally eaten on Lantern Festival, which is the last day of the two-week Chinese New Year holiday.
Persian recipes are very appropriate for Ayyam-i-Ha. This recipe for fesenjan, also called fesanjoon depending on the regional dialect, combines chicken with pomegranates and walnuts for an amazing explosion of taste.
This is a traditional Armenian Christmas recipe. In the early days, at every Armenian feast, Anooshabour was a traditional must!
Pomegranates are the Armenian national fruit and you could easily say that vodka is an Armenian national pastime. Combine the two together and you have an explosively delicious cocktail, with Armenian flavor.
Ozoni, or mochi soup, is a Japanese holiday meal traditionally prepared on New Year's Day. After baking, fresh mochi is put into a bowl, and soup and cabbage are ladled over it.
The Yiddish translation of kugel is any baked pudding in Eastern European Jewish culture. My favorite is a noodle kugel, also known as noodle pudding. There are two types of noodle kugel: a sweet kugel and a savory one (which has no sour cream or cottage cheese).
As much as Diwali is a festival of lights, it is also a festival of sweets. There are so many amazing sweet dishes made in celebration of Diwali. Here we present one of them, Kheer, an Indian rice pudding.
Apricots are a traditionally Armenian fruit. If you haven't had apricots in Armenia, you haven't tasted the sweet juiciness that apricots can be. What follows is a wonderful apricot tart, inspired by the Armenian fruit.

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