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Interviews with multicultural families globally raising multilingual kids.

Meet Javier and Cordelia—a French-American-Mexican couple who are raising kids in Asia after a romance that spanned London and New York City.
It all started in a history class in Utah. Four kids and three languages later, read about their unique system for keeping all three languages in tact.
They met online on different sides of the world in this modern day romance and she moved from Shanghai to Canada for love.
Meet Sara and Waqar raising trilingual kids in Urdu, Italian and English in London!
See how the Mayan ruins brought together this trilingual family 12 years ago.
This Dutch mom is raising a quadrilingual daughter (Dutch, dialect of Dutch, Italian and English) in Italy. See how she does it.
They are raising perfectly trilingual kids in Mandarin, Spanish and English. See how they do it.
Meet our newest real intercultural family whose children speak Russian, Spanish, English, and share four cultures and two religions.
Meet Elka and Thien, a family living in Vietnam, sharing four cultures and three languages including Vietnamese, English and French.
She is American, he is Mexican, and they have four kids from three different countries.
She's Polish, he's German and they are raising kids in Holland.
Met Lizi (British) and Da Jun (Chinese) raising a bilingual son in Beijing and soon Britain.
How this Mom has raised a true global citizen in every sense.
She’s Algerian, he’s German and they make us all jealous raising perfectly quadrilingual kids.
This American family incorporates two distinct cultures that are not their own and they all are learning Korean.
Despite a pediatrician who told this Israeli/Guatemalan/American family that speaking more than one language would be detrimental to their children’s mathematical abilities, they have successfully raised two quadrilingual kids.
This multicultural family met in China and are raising perfectly trilingual kids in Chinese, English and Spanish in California.
This interracial French-American family are raising trilingual (German-French-English) kids in the South of France and may introduce Amharic as well. So how do Amharic and German fit into all that?
This American mother and Ghanaian father are raising their multilingual son with Twi, Ga, Larteh and English in Ghana.
This Lebanese-Mexican couple met in college and are now raising a trilingual daughter in suburban USA.
This Norwegian-Iranian couple met in Iran, and lived in Tajikistan and Egypt before settling in Norway. They are raising their daughter in English, Norwegian and some Farsi.
This Romanian-Brazilian couple met and had kids in California where they are raising their trilingual (and briefly quadrilingual) girls.
This interesting family speaks Dutch, Spanish, English and have a little girl who also speaks Russian.
This fascinating family incorporates Brazilian, Japanese, Cantonese and Thai cultures into one.
They met in Montenegro and are raising bilingual kids in Serbian and German.

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