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From chess to mancala, most games are deeply rooted in ancient civilizations, some of them found in excavations of royal tombs. Yet, modern studies endorse and confirm the positive cognitive impact of playing these games even today. It’s amazing that they also give us a sense of the history of a particular culture.
One of the best sounds in the world is hearing a child’s laughter. Laughter is infectious and makes us feel good. But it also does more than that. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that a “strong sense of humor is an important part of positive emotion and may help children to be more resilient.” In our continuing “Kids Around the World” series where we show what unites us globally, here are kids around the world laughing.
Nothing says summertime like splashing in the water to cool down in the summer heat. Let's take a peek at kids globally having some summer water fun.
Not much is cuter than kids and their dogs. The love between children and dogs knows no boundaries as dogs make the most faithful and simplest of friends. From around the world, InCultureParent has selected some of the most...
A tribute for all of you mamas, mamis, muttis, ammas, mums, ummis, maes, aais, hahas, mommys and more from Japan to Uzbekistan and Paraguay and beyond.
Play is one of those magical activities that connects us as human beings. Children have an innate sense of play through which they discover the world and their place in it. InCultureParent takes you from Chile to Indonesia and beyond to celebrate kids playing around the world.
Reading fosters children's imaginations, grows their vocabulary, primes them for academic achievement and supports numerous brain-related functions like speech, logic and concentration. Reading is also an accessible and powerful way to connect children to the world, not just the world they know but the undiscovered and unknown. In this slideshow, we celebrate reading with children around the world.
What treat do children have in common in every country around the world? Ice cream! Ice cream! InCultureParent takes you around the world in ice cream from cart to mouth.
Adorable slideshow of fathers and their kids around the world.
InCultureParent takes a look at the beauty of breastfeeding in pictures, together with facts and attitudes.
Why it takes more than one father to make babies in the Amazon
Pregnancy and beauty around the world in pictures, stories and statistics.
We scouted out the 10 most imaginative playgrounds from around the world.
The 2010 Mothers' Index rates 160 countries (43 developed nations and 117 in the developing world) in terms of the well-being of mothers and children. If you're a mother in Europe or Australia, don't plan on moving.

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