Ramadan Craft: Sun Catchers (Instructions)

Ramadan lantern craft

Here, we are going to provide you detailed instructions on how your kid can make a Sun Catchers Ramadan Craft. Before you start with the instruction get the following materials (required).


  • Suncatcher template
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Contact paper


  • First, print the sun catcher template below — 2 copies total. Included in the template are five different designs. You can decide to print all of them or just one.
  • Cut out the white space so that only the black outline remains. Depending on the age of your child, you may have to do this for them. You can also use an X-Acto knife with cardboard behind the template to cut these out.
Ramadan sun catcher craft
  • Cut up the tissue paper in any color you choose into small squares. 
Ramadan sun catcher craft
  • Cut the contact paper to the size of the template, with about one inch of extra space all around the template.
  • Unpeel the contact paper, sticky side up. It’s helpful to tape the top corners to the table.
  • Press one template face down into the contact paper.
Middle Eastern sun catcher
  • Let your child arrange the tissue paper in any pattern they choose, filling all the white space inside the lantern. My kids thought this was super fun.
Ramadan lantern craft
  • Distribute glue along the lantern outline. Press the second identical lantern template on top of the first, this one face up.
  • You can now either stick the lantern directly onto the window (it will stick because of that one inch of contact paper) or if you need to trim around the lantern frame, you can cut off the extra contact paper and stick the lantern to the window with tape.
Ramadan craft for windows


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