We are always accepting article submissions that fit the culture of our website as well as photo submissions to depict our four main categories: culture, language, tradition and books. 
The most important thing to know about our submissions policy is that you don’t have to be a fluent English speaker to submit to us. Because we’re committed to sharing experiences from people all over the world, the most important point for us is that you have a compelling story to tell and an interesting way of telling it. Our mission, after all, is global parenting; learning from the practices in other cultures and traditions benefits us all.
If you feel you have something to say, but you don’t feel confident in your written English, that’s no problem for us. Our team is pretty awesome at working with authors to develop a compelling and well written story. Some of the stories you have read on this site were not perfectly polished English when we received them. We are skilled editors when it comes to dealing with non-fluent English speakers because we have worked in many places worldwide doing just that sort of thing.
Although we prefer all submissions be in English (even rough English), we would consider working with authors who want to submit in Spanish, Portuguese or French, although the story would have to be very original and compelling for us to use, due to the heavy workload translation and editing involves.
If you are a native/fluent English speaker, we expect submissions to be both compelling stories and well written. If that sounds like a double standard, it’s because it is. We have no particular length requirements.
All submissions are unpaid.
For the four main photos, we have not used a stock photo yet and like to keep it that way. We love to feature amateur and professional photographers alike. For the books section, we love featuring our readers’ children so please send us pictures of your kids reading.

Other Sections
We are also interested in interviewing more multicultural and multilingual families for our Real Intercultural Families section. Interested? Please email us about the languages and cultures in your family and what makes you unique.
Finally, we love photos or descriptive examples of your own cultural and language blunders for our Communication Fail column.
Please email all submissions to