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InCultureParent is an online magazine for parents raising little global citizens. Centered around culture, tradition and language, we feature articles on parenting around the world and raising multicultural and multilingual (also bicultural and bilingual) children. We also spotlight different global holidays together with craft ideas for kids and recipes. We review good books for kids that have a multicultural theme or feature different cultures.

Mainstream parenting websites are largely from the perspective of one dominant cultural framework. InCultureParent offers an alternative to the dominant voice of parenting information with viewpoints from around the world. Culture informs parenting choices, priorities and values. Additionally, tradition and religion become more relevant when raising children. InCultureParent blends culture, tradition and language to present articles on everything related to these areas. Our mission is to foster greater understanding across cultures through the lens of parenting.

Here are some of our most popular articles:

Why African Babies Don’t Cry
Breastfeeding in the Land of Ghengis Khan

Best World Maps for Your Child’s Room
Diwali Craft: Make a Lantern
Mothers to Be: Pregnancy around the World
Is Raising Bilingual Children Worth the Costs?
10 Reasons Parents Should Read Multicultural Books to Your Kids
Language Resource Library for Raising Bilingual Kids

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