10 Healthy Kid Snacks from around the World


Tired of crackers, cheerios, and raisins? Try one of our snack suggestions from countries like Palestine, Brazil, and Morocco for some new ideas to jazz up your snack repertoire.

10 Best Kid Snacks you must feed your child

Mexican Paletas (popsicles)1. Mexican Paletas (popsicles)

With flavors like coconut pineapple, cucumber chili and banana milk, these blow your average popsicle out of the water.


Middle Eastern Nut-Stuffed Dates2. Middle Eastern Nut-Stuffed Dates

Slice a date in half, remove the pit, and stuff each side with a pecan, walnut, or almond. The nut offsets the sweetness of the date and this snack is action-packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and more.

Brazilian cheese bread3. Brazilian Pão de Queijo (cheese bread)

This one is even gluten flee, using tapioca flour instead of wheat. Cheesy and moist, your kids won’t eat just one.


Moroccan Hard-Boiled Eggs4. Moroccan Hard-Boiled Eggs

Slice the eggs and sprinkle with cumin. Cumin is said to aid in digestion and is a source of iron, when eaten in larger quantities.


East Asian: Dried Seaweed5. East Asian: Dried Seaweed

Roll it with some brown rice for a heartier snack.



German Sandwich6. German Sandwich

Take a thin slice of hearty bread, or even a hearty cracker, spread some cream cheese on it and top with thinly-sliced cucumbers (only one piece of bread required—this is an open sandwich).



Colombian Arepas7. Colombian Arepas

Another gluten-free option using cornmeal instead of flour, stuff with cheese, veggies or try cheese and corn.


Palestinian Pita Bread with za’atar8. Palestinian Pita Bread with za’atar

Take a piece of pita, dunk it in olive oil and then dip it into a small bowl of za’atar. Yum! It even passed two-year-old taste buds over here.

Latin American platanos9. Latin American platanos

These are crunchy with a denser center and made with a little salt, so kids love them, but they’re so much healthier than a potato chip. If you want to make them sweet and not salty, buy them on the brown to black side (blacker is better) to make maduros. Slice ‘em and fry ‘em (lightly), and they’re ready for munching.

Japanese onigiri10. Japanese onigiri

These are hands down one of my kid’s all-time favorite snacks.

So, these are the top 10 snacks you can feed to your child in order to keep them healthy. If you have more recommendations, do comment below.



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