children's games around the world

5 Fun Games from Around the World

5 super fun games from around the world that all kids will enjoy
resources for white parents to learn about racism

Resources for White Parents to Learn about Racism

How to support white children in unlearning racism? It starts with the parents.  I picked my all-time favorite Bob Marley song when I...
Childrens books about racism and injustice

12 Children’s Books about Racism and Injustice

As Indian-Americans, my children experience racial microaggressions every day. However, we are equally very aware of the deep-rooted anti-blackness within the South...
Why Diversity in Childrens Books Matters

Why Diversity in Children’s Books Matters

Since I read primarily books by Asian-American women writers to supplement my very traditional dead white guy literary education, my children do not have to wait until college to discover women writers and writers of color in a women's studies class.
5 Ways White Parents Can Start Talking about Racism with Their Kids Today

5 Easy Ways White Parents Can Start Talking to Your Kids about Racism

It’s Hard for White People to Talk about Racism Many white people do not feel comfortable talking about race or racism. When I...
Brown barbies

Are Non-White Children Not as Important? Where are the Brown Barbie Dolls?

The gift of a white doll starts this mom on a mission for brown dolls.