Which Language First When Raising Trilingual Kids?

At almost 19 months old, Ramzi is just starting to really get talking. Matt was also an early talker and it’s been really interesting to watch the differences and similarities in how the two acquire and use their three languages.

The Problem with Representation of Multicultural Children in Media

Multicultural children are under-represented in mainstream media. The heroine is always white and black children don't usually have African features.
travel to Casablanca, Moroco

What to Do with 48 Hours in Casablanca

Casablanca is not a favorite city for tourists and it’s understandable why. It’s a large city to navigate with crazy traffic and without the charm of places like Marrakech. However,...
Brown barbies

Are Non-White Children Not as Important? Where are the Brown Dolls?

The gift of a white doll starts this mom on a mission for brown dolls.

A Children’s Book for Raising Global Citizens

Every life is a story. It’s easier to understand someone when you know their story.

Embarrassing Language Mistakes: Pass the C#!ck in Arabic

On my first visit to Morocco, I was introduced to my husband's family as his fiancée, even though we were just dating (since dating isn't a concept that Arab society openly accepts). Although I had traveled widely and had spent time in Muslim countries before, I was very, very nervous for this trip since I was the first woman my boyfriend was introducing to his family.