Ethiopian-Inspired Craft: Geometric Stamps

Geometric shapes in Ethiopian art trace back to 14th-century Christian art, with geometric patterns found on crosses. The use of geometric patterns continues today appearing in popular forms like basket weaving. This craft takes inspiration from Ethiopian geometric patterns and encourages kids to make their own geometric art.

Create Geometric Shape/Patterns – A DIY for Kids

Geometric Stamps


  • Fruits or veggies like apples, limes, oranges, potatoes that can be cut into triangles
  • Any other household objects that have a geometric pattern (bottom of egg cartons, pencil tops, beads, cheerios, etc.)
  • Paints
  • Paper


  1. Cut the fruits into triangles and prep any other shapes you are using.
  2. Pour two colors of paint into separate dishes or bowls. I like to use the recycled tops of yogurt containers for the paint.
  3. Let the kids dip the shapes into the paint and stamp the paper.
    You’re done!

This post was inspired by this cool crafting blog Simple Analogy. Thanks, Simple Analogy for the great idea!

We hope you have got many craft making ideas for your children. If you want to share a thought, feel free to comment below.



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